Well-known potato scones

Yesterday I shared a recipe from Janet Murray for what she described as ‘the less well-known potato buns – less well-known? Yes, less well-known than potato scones, and in the little booklet produced by the BBC some time in the 1950’s or 60’s (possibly 1964) after the potato bun recipe, Janet gives the potato scone instructions:

Potato scones

  • ½ lb well-mashed potato, quite free from lumps; 2 oz flour, a little salt; ½ oz butter

     If the potatoes are cold when you mash them, melt the butter and add it, but if they are still warm, drop in the butter in one piece and work it until it melts, then add the salt and flour and mix well. Knead the dough until it is quite smooth, and roll it out on a floured baking board. It must be rolled out very thinly.
Cut the round in four and bake on a hot griddle. Bake on both sides until very pale brown. It is uneven rather than spotty brown.


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