A short extract from the beginning of Winterdyke

I’m so excited to have published my latest Radwinter novel, Winterdyke – and thanks so much to everyone who has given me so many positive comments! It is the seventh in my Radwinter series, but it’s a stand alone novel – you don’t have to have read the other six, but they do tell the story of Thomas Radwinter from 2013 through to the winter of 2018 when Winterdyke is set. Some people say should you read them in order? Well, they are all stand-alones, but reading them in order explains how certain things have come about in Thomas’s life, which might be unexpected!

Here is a short extract from the beginning of Winterdyke:

I opened my laptop and looked at my notes on the somewhat mysterious undertaking. I’d been contacted by the PA of an extremely wealthy family who wanted me to do a complete genealogical survey. I wasn’t exactly regretting accepting, they were paying me way, way over what I’d normally expect, but I had a few doubts. To be honest it seemed a bit odd, and if I had a sixth sense it would be pricking right now – if that’s what sixth senses do. But doesn’t the sixth sense enable you to see dead people? I remembered the film, and then wished I hadn’t.
I stared at the snow covered countryside whizzing past; it was ten in the morning but it was as grey as dusk and big blobs of slush were sticking to the window. I’d Google-Earthed the place and the house was massive and in the middle of nowhere, with woods in its grounds. It was on the edge of a remote marshy fenland area which was now a rather desolate country park but popular with people in motor boats and bird spotters apparently.
No wandering out for a pint at the local then, the nearest pub as far as I could see was in the village of Barbridge, although I’d have no way of getting there unless my hosts drove me.
I was uneasy in an ill-defined, cautious way. Maybe it was because I’d be so much out of my comfort zone. Gem, my nephew’s fiancée had checked the security on my laptops and assured me it would be difficult for anyone other than me to access them, and if by chance they did she’d know and attend to it from her end.

I hope you will be tempted to read more and find out what happens to Thomas as he stays with the Robespierre family for a fortnight researching their history. In the extract above, Thomas is feeling very uneasy – and without giving anything away, he’s quite right to do so!

Here#’s a link to my book – if you read it I would be so grateful for a comment on Amazon, it will be much appreciated!


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