Going to Brazil

Tonight we are going to belatedly celebrate a birthday by going to a Brazilian restaurant. I don’t know much about Brazilian food, except it is such a vast country with so many people from different backgrounds that I guess it’s impossible to say what might be considered typical! I’m expecting there might be a lot of meat on the menu, but also there will be a large vegetarian option as so many people have a more plant based appetite.

As a child I was always fascinated by the country as my grandpa – the one I wrote bout recently, went there, probably in the early 1900’s or maybe after WW1 – no-one in the family now knows. He famously said he was nine hundred miles up the Amazon inn the city of Manaus. The family story has it he was there when electric street lighting was first turned on, however I’ve found out that there was electricity in the city as early as 1895, when grandpa would have been a young boy still at school I’m not sure what he did there, he was an accountant of some sort so maybe he was sent there by his firm, but it would have been so different from the place it is now. To get there he had to travel up the Amazon which must have been interesting and exciting for him. He was a natural linguist and I have no doubt he was soon able to communicate to some extent with local people.

I would love to find out more but there’s no way I can now. His children weren’t interested in his stories, children rarely are until they are older. Only my cousins now remember him, and of the eight of us, only me and the cousin a similar age even remember him properly. My mind will wander to grandpa tonight, but I don’t suppose anything I eat will be like what he ate over a hundred years ago!

My featured image is from an Australian rainforest, probably the nearest I’ll ever get to Amazonian conditions!

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