A different Saturday night at the pub

I wrote last week about how things have changed at the pub, and you’r have thought we might have got used to it by now. To be honest, we actually don’t go to the pub as often as i write about it – Tuesday for the quiz , then maybe Thursday as husband misses quiz on account of band practice, then some time over the weekend, maybe Friday or Saturday or Sunday, depending on what we fancy. Now we have the new regime when pubs (and nightclubs, restaurants etc) must close at ten – that is having all their punters outside and the doors locked, It used to be on Tuesday quiz night, husband would return from his practice about 10:30, in time for a last pint or two and to catch up with friends in the team and other teams, and people in general. Now of course he misses that and meets me back at home.

So tonight we step out smartly, no sauntering any more, and we get to the pub just before nine, all masked up. We get our couple of pints from the also masked Ewan and retire to our places. We’re happy to see the pub is really busy, a few people we recognise but a lot we don’t.  It seems odd to be here early and having to rush our drinks because of course, when time is called it means time and we have to get out so the doors can be shut and bolted by ten. The rhythm of it all is wrong. We are constantly looking at the time – before the new rules it all seemed more leisurely. Time was called and we’d drink up and then we’d go. We decide we will ahve to come down even earlier, maybe half past eight… going to the pub at half pat eight? That seems crazy!

It is so difficult to explain if you’re not a pub person. I guess if you’re not a pubby sort of woman or man, you can’t see why you can’t go to the pub at 8:30 or 8 or 7:30 or 7 – but then you’re straying into a different time zone. There are the tea-time pubbers, 5:00 – 7/8, the early evening pubbers, 8-10, then us, 10-11 but with that lovely flexibility.  Going to the pub and leaving at 10, mans we’re home by 10:10… and then there’s that drift of time. Usually, home between 11:15 and 11:30, and then there’s the settling down for the night time. For me it is a different part of my writing day, for husband it is watching a last thing on TV, getting everything sorted downstairs, then drifting up to bed, not to sleep but to read.

Early pub doesn’t work for us… but I guess it will have to until the new rules come in.. maybe it will revert to being no pub… that would indeed be sad…


    1. Lois

      It’s so tough isn’t it. No gigs, no live music, not much of anything – and now autumn has set in with gales and downpours and it’s getting cold. Not as cold as you get, of course! xx


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