More exciting Radwinter news!

I have some more exciting news after I announced my latest Radwinter novel, Winterdyke has at last been published!! My news is that I’m changing all my Kindle books to paperbacks – they will still be there as eBooks but now for those who don’t have eReaders they can be bought from Amazon.

The thing is, people like me are writers, we write, and we would love to have someone else to publish our books – with all the professional staff they have to check everything out and sort out all the difficulties, and all the experts in setting out the pages, designing covers, publishing and publicising – we only have ourselves. We do the best we can and we’re lucky if we have friends and family who can help; I must give a big, big shout out to my husband and my dear Oldham chum, who diligently read the story and offer suggestions and spot mistakes and typos, and in the case of husband, do the illustrations.

Writers like me who self-publish, do the absolute utmost and yes, sometimes mistakes and errors still creep in. It’s so annoying to find them – but I hope people who read my books are able to forgive them and put them to one side. I obviously  hope everyone who reads my books loves them, but equally obviously not everyone will. This is why me and writers like me in my position, really, really, really appreciate people getting in contact with praise, observations, criticisms and mistakes they’ve spotted, and even more if they leave comments and rate our books on Amazon or wherever they are available. Thanks so much, so very much to everyone who does that!

So now, Magick is available as a book, and Raddy and Syl will be very shortly (with beautiful illustrations by husband, and before too long the original Radwinter will be republished in a smaller, more convenient size (my inexperience first time round publishing a paperback – I chose the wrong size and wrong font size!)

Here is Magick with its new cover:

…and here is Raddy and Syl:

I’m still working on Radwinter, but will share it soon.

Here’s a link to my seven Radwinter books:

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