Going back again, and a significant post!

Yesterday I decided having found that I can look back to specific months in my blog (how did I not realise sooner?) that I would delve into my past writing, and for the next two weeks I would repost something from this month but in a previous year. Today I’ve gone back to All Hallows Eve, 2013. It’s a very significant post because it was the day before I started writing my first ever Radwinter book.  I guess it really rings a bell today because I’m announcing the fact that I’ve republished it as a paperback!  I’m gradually changing all my eBooks to paperbacks – they still will be available for your Kindle if you have one, but now you can also get a tree book!

October 31st 2013: I am about to embark on a month of writing, so I  guess I won’t be posting as many blogs during November! I’m looking forward to being creative again, having spent the past eighteen months editing work I’ve written some time ago. Tomorrow a new writing adventure will start as I try to write 50,000 words in a month… I shall be so annoyed if I get to December 1st and I’ve only written 49,999!
I’m not sure what other people who have entered the NaNoWriMo competition (National Novel Writing  Month) do with what they have written… whether it just an end in itself or whether they then use what they’ve done and finish it and form it into a proper complete work… That is what I intend to do. Maybe I won’t complete it for a while, maybe after the splurge of November I’ll let it sit and fester for a while, but I do see what I write next month as the start of a proper novel… hmmm… we’ll see!

How could I have possibly guessed that three months later I would be publishing Radwinter! And I could have never, ever, ever guessed it would be the first of seven books about the characters I was creating!

Here is a link to the National Novel Writing Month challenge, and after missing last year I will be doing it again next month:


I will share a link to my new Radwinter paperback as soon as it’s live, in the meantime, my featured image shows the photo from the front cover.


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