There is such a thing as pirate metal

I’m looking back to past October posts, and picking out some of my favourites to share again over a fortnight. Apparently – and I had forgotten, there is a genre of music called pirate metal. Wikipedia says about it:

Pirate metal is a subgenre of heavy metal music, characterized by its incorporation of pirate mythology within the music and sometimes in stage performances. Lyrics often use piratical jargon and various musical genres, such as thrash metal, speed metal, and folk metal, may be combined with traditional-sounding songs like sea shanties.Folk instruments, such as the concertina, can be incorporated or emulated with synthesizers. Band members often dress up in period costume during performances, and concert attendees may do so as well. Pirate metal is sometimes referred to by the media as a music scene

It sounds great fun but I imagine it gets very boisterous, If you want to know more, here’s a link:

Soome of the best known pirate bands are Running Wild, Lagerstein, The Dread Crew Of Oddwood, Swashbuckle and  Alestorm. In 2014 I posted about Alestorm, who are described as combining “their pirate theme with folk and power metal for an easily digestible sound that even non-head bangers can appreciate. ”

This is my post from October 2014:

Have you ever heard of it? No I hadn’t either until my son’s friend Josh went to a gig:

Alestorm – Keelhauled

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