More handy household hints from a popular treatise on the uses of fruit from a medical and practical standpoint

I think my title says it all! A delighful little publication I bought recently, ‘Fruit and Health’ by Haydn Brown and Sylvia Warn, published in about 1924 by the Fruit Trades’ Federation, not only has information about eating fruit and the its health benefits, but also recipes and in the back, as was the way in books about food of that era and before, household hints in the back.

I’m sure these come from Sylvia – in those days it was mainly man/sciece and woman cooking/cleaning. The first was no doubt of use to the husbands of the housewives:

If the windscreen is rubbed over with the cut surface of an apple, rain will not obscure the vision.

I must try that! These days we have scientifically produced products of course, an apple is much cheaper! Following on from aids for motor owners, is a random piece of advice, although I’m not sure I would follow it:

Peel a large onion, put it in a saucepan with a pint of cold water. Boil for 20 to 30 minutes. Strain liquid into two basins. Dust well: apply tepid onion water with a small brush; rinse with clean onion water; dry with a soft rag; polish with a duster.

One thing missing from the instructions – it doesn’t make it clear that the picture frames are to be dusted! But can you imagine the smell! Just imagine cleaning anything with onion water, I really think not! A damp cloth would surely do just as well! In the past I’ve rad helpful hints which do seem sensible, but this one, I really think not!

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