Slightly chuffed

To be honest, I haven’t done much actual writing over the last week, except for writing here. However, I have been working, working on changing my eBooks so they are available as paperbacks. I have started with my Radwinter series, and I’m very slightly chuffed to announce that all seven are now available – not just for Kindles and e-readers, but also as paperbacks.

In a way it is a straightforward process, except what is written in the manuscript doesn’t always appear as you expect it on the printed page – chapter headings divorced from their chapters, unexpected spaces between lines, making sure the right pages are facing each other there is actually a lot of hard work. As ever I check everything through again, but even so, little errors pass me by, and it must be annoying for readers, but soooo frustrating for me! I must admit, that every time I find a typo in a book published by a publisher, I have a little cheer, that even the professionals sometimes get it wrong!

So here is my last Radwinter, Radwinter V, Earhtquake, and I must say I am rather immodestly pleased at how it looks:

Thomas Radwinter’s life seems settled and content as he juggles working as a free-lance solicitor, genealogist and house husband. However a new arrival in the family puts extra pressure on him as he has to balance looking after them and earning some money. A commission from an elderly gentleman to investigate a mysterious death at a little boarding school in 1931 seems intriguing and harmless; a haunted hotel he’s asked to visit seems just to be over-imaginative guests and maybe a less than honest manager. However, during his investigations he has to confront a violent verger, an unbalanced conchologist and a very strange friend from the past…Thomas took on his commissions, little realising when he began his investigation that he would be putting his life and that of a friend in serious danger… “I tried to work out what was going on, and what to do, and what might happen to us – trying my hardest to keep my thoughts well away from a terminal conclusion to events… “


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