A hiccup

November is the month when writers can challenge themselves to write 50,00 words for National Novel Writing Month. I’ve done it successfully since 2012 except for last year when I had what amounted to writer’s block, more of a blockage than a block as eventually it cleared. So I was up for the challenge again this time and decided for various reasons I would wake at six, do an hour’s writing to get going on my target number of words. For some reason we have become late risers, once we’re awake listening to the radio and reading, so a six o’clock get up was a shock to the system.

All has gone well on the three days so far, until this morning when I had somewhat of a hiccup. I dragged myself out of sleep and fought to wake up, had a swig of water then set to. I’m not sure how many words I’d done this morning, five or six hundred I guess and then – disaster! I don’t know what happened but somehow I managed to delete all I had done! Fortunately it was only all that I had done this morning, the rest was safe on a saved document. But how annoying I had another swig of water and started again, thinking that this was only the very earliest of drafts, It could have been so much worse, and i tried not to let my annoyance distract me.

Never mind, twenty-seven more days to go, plenty of time… or so it seems at the moment!


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