Rosa Czekov in print!

I’ve been trying to get all my Kindle books available as paperbacks; this task has run aground slightly as I’m also trying to write 50,000 new words as part of the National Novel Writing Month challenge. All my Radwinter novels, all seven of them are available as eBook and as paperbacks, and also Farholm, a stand alone about a recently widowed woman trying to connect with the family of her dead husband and discover the secret side of his life. Now another stand-alone, ‘The Stalking of Rosa Czekov’ is also out there as a tree book as well as an e-reader. The title gives a clue about the content, and here is the blurb:

Rosa Czekov is an ordinary person who, through an extraordinary act of courage, brings herself to public attention. Rosa is modest and private, and this unwelcome publicity attracts a stalker who makes her life a misery and brings her to the verge of a breakdown. Her cousin, Tyche Kane, has a mission to discover who is tormenting Rosa and bring him or her to retribution. In the course of her pursuit, Tyche uncovers many secrets in an effort to prove Rosa was not just imagining her persecutor.However, her quest not only puts her own life at risk, but endangers Rosa’s friends and family and leads to the murder of someone very close to her.

I have kept the same cover  for both versions of the book because I just really like it! Here  is a link:

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