Going somewhere

I guess, especially now, most of us desperately want to go somewhere; for some poor soul it’s to escapee the four walls they are confined within, confined by circumstance not through choice and not through anything they have done. Their destination might be the local shops, the library, the park, the end of the road. They might want to freely go to visit others who they haven’t seen for so long – to visit and not just literally see their friends or family but to be with them, hug them, hold them.

For those who are not under such strict confinement it may be to go somewhere beyond our locality, to visit a more distant friend or family member, or to go to a more distant place just to walk freely and breathe and look at the sky and look at the surroundings which are different and unfamiliar and exciting and inspiring.

For many their wish is to go somewhere in a different sense, to go somewhere where they don’t have to take care to be apart from others, to not touch anything, to not have to wear masks and carry hand sanitiser. To be able to set off somewhere on a whim, to change their mind and change their destination, to sit on a bench or a bus next to a stranger. They want to go to the pool or the gym or the hairdresser or their sports club or their bingo night or pop into the local shop to get something they forgot. For many their wish for freedom is less specific, more everyday, more spur of the moment.

For a lot of people, especially those with families at home, they wish to go back to work, they want to go back to a normal life which may have been tedious in some ways but was safe and mostly dependable. They want to go back to the routines, go back to a different sort of boring and dull. They want school to be the rush about, knockabout, load of laughs, being with mates/falling out with mates, screaming and shouting, learning in an exciting and never forgotten way. They want the ordinary good and the ordinary bad.

We have been fortunate in many ways, many many ways. I shouldn’t complain at all. I would like to go somewhere, I would like to go somewhere in a mental sense to have my mind open and not guarded, to be able to look and imagine and wonder without other considerations and thoughts, to look and not be on the look out, to write about this world and this life, this world which no longer exists, because we are living in another world, another life now.

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