Sizzling yoghurt

I’m guessing that many of the great or classic things we eat are created/invented by accident. Someone puts one thing in something instead of a different thing and then so as not to waste what they’ve made, eat it and think ‘coo, that was delicious, I’m always going to do it like that.’ Sometimes it’s just a humble tweak which then becomes a home favourite and never goes outside the family.  With my latest accidental thing I don’t think anyone other than me would eat it!

Quite often I have plain yoghurt for breakfast, or sometimes lunch, and as I don’t really like it on its own I put in whatever fruit we have, chopped up. I also add cashew nuts, because there’s always a jar of them in the cupboard. The cashews we have are roasted and salted, so it might be a little unusual to add a salty something to a fruity something, but I have heard of people having salt on strawberries, and obviously there are loads of savoury dishes with fruit in them. I also add whatever else there is at hand which I like, usually seeds, often other nuts, sometimes oat bran or even oatmeal. I even put some left over cake which went rather stale in once, that was nice, gave an unusual texture.

I do like sour things, but the fruit and yoghurt combination is sometimes just a bit too sour for me, so I’ve taken to pouring a little honey over it, not much, just a couple of teaspoonfuls. It’s jolly cold in our kitchen, and recently the honey has solidified. I tried carving it out but lumps of granular honey wasn’t quite as nice as when it’s more liquid. I hit on the idea of popping it into the microwave for a couple of seconds, just enough to make it flow – the honey that is, not the yoghurt and fruit!

The other day I’d put the honey in the microwave, and as so often happens got distracted, so when I took it out, it was very liquid and steaming slightly. Not thinking I poured it over the fruit and yoghurt and there was a terrific splutter and sizzle as boiling honey met fridge cold yoghurt. I took a spoonful and the honey had solidified again into an almost brittle toffee which actually was lovely, an extra texture to the soft stuff! I’m not sure I will do it again, I don’t think I could catch that serendipitous combination of hot and cold, but it really was very nice!

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