Paperback reader – Flipside now live as an actual book!

I published my most recent book, Winterdyke (Radwinter VII) a couple of months ago, and then plunged almost straight into the National November Writing Month challenge, getting 50,000 words bashed out in thirty days. I was surprised i actually did it, the momentum slowly built and I managed to get in the required amount each day and then caught up with myself to reach the goal. It was the rough draft of my next Radwinter book. I felt ready for a little break after that – not least because somehow during all that writing a file corrupted and I lost 5,000 words which I had to make up. I feel a little lacking in that creative spur at the moment, however, I have not been idle!

I am really excited to have another paperback out, my novel set in Oldham about PTSD, murder and love, ‘Flipside’ I first began writing it before I gave up work, and it somewhat went on the back burner and I moved onto other stories. When I began to self-publish my books as Ebooks, I revised and worked on Flipside and published it as an Ebook in 2013, although the story is actually set ten years or so previously. Now I have converted it to a paperback (not quite as straightforward as that sounds) and it’s out in the world, and available to you from Amazon.

I would like to say a mighty big thank you to Ethan Doyle White, whose photograph I have used for the cover. He has shared it on Wikipedia and very generously allowed full use of it to everyone. It is of Cambridge War Memorial, which I know very well, having cycled past it so many times.


Jaz has moved from Bristol to be with her recently widowed brother; she is a teacher and she has moved from a high-flying head of faculty post in a top school to take a lowly temporary position in a challenging school in the north of England. She is up to the challenge, but she does not expect to find her life is in danger from a man who has already butchered three women; she has met the love of her life, but is he, could he possibly be, the murderer?She discovers some brutal truths about her beloved brother, he seems on the verge of a breakdown, convinced there is a conspiracy surrounding his wife’s death… but where does he go on Fridays, and what does he do?“I was alone, utterly alone. I thought I’d been brave running away from my life in Bristol, my friends and familiar places; I was pleased to be so daring and impetuous, and so certain of my love for David when our eyes had met in the Lees Spa Hotel. But I hadn’t taken him home and made love to him in order to enter a violent world of fear and hate and danger.”

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