My next paperback

I’ve been busy converting my eBooks to paperbacks, more tricky than it sounds because of layout difficulties – I self-publish on Amazon and although in many ways it’s straightforward, it is quite rigid in layout; this doesn’t matter so much with eBooks, but can be annoyingly inflexible when trying to produce a paperback! It’s the only way I have of getting my books out there, so I just soldier on! Happily my soldiering on has been successful, and shortly my next paperback will be available. I’ve mentioned before the dilemma I have about how much to edit my republished books, and in the end, apart from trying to eliminate typos and other errors, I have left them as I wrote them.

‘night vision’ was first published in 2013; it was inspired by several incidents, a remarkable tree I saw growing out of a cliff face in Derbyshire, getting stuck in a lift, thinking about friendship and the fact my closest friend is male and we ring each other all the time and speak regularly, the boatyard near where we live and the sad old abandoned boats once much loved… and the usual medley of ideas which wove themselves into my story. The characters? Total fiction! One has the face of a TV actor, one looks somewhat like a musician, as does another, an aloof lead guitarist actually!

It should be available tomorrow, and here is the blurb for ‘night vision‘:

Beulah and Neil Cameron return to his childhood home of Easthope to try and repair their damaged marriage. Neil is profoundly and wrongly jealous of Beulah’s best friend; however Beulah discovers that Neil has his own secrets which may damage their marriage more permanently. The disappearance of his fifteen year-old brother Patrick thirty years ago, casts a long shadow, and despite Neil’s opposition, Beulah is determined to find out what happened to him.


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