Lucky Portbraddon… a rather rascally ancestor of my late husband

I am so relieved and delighted to report that my last eBook has now been converted to a paperback and is available on Amazon. It took many years to write before ‘Lucky Portbraddon’ was first published as an eBook in 2016 and I realised as I got it ready for its new edition it’s what people might call an Aga-saga as it is rather long! I don’t think I would write a story like this now, it’s set in 2014 and it’s about the Portbraddon family, six cousins who despite differences and fallings out have remained close as they marry and have their own families. The novel follows their lives over a year when everything goes awry following the death of their grandmother who was the glue which held them together. I made a decision – the same as with my other paperbacks converted from eBooks, that apart from correcting any errors, I wouldn’t change or rewrite any of it, it would stand as something written nearly ten years ago.

‘Lucky Portbraddon’ is self-published on Amazon, and in fact it is rather expensive so I have decided not to make any profit from it at all. The price is what it costs Amazon to print and the posting and packaging. This is what I wrote as the blurb:

Lucky Portbraddon… a rather rascally ancestor of my late husband, or so family legend has it, was a favourite friend of the Prince Regent, apparently, but Lucky made, not lost, his fortune…
A few days before Christmas, as the Portbraddon family gathers at their grandmother’s big house up on the moors, the last of the cousins drives through a blizzard to join them: …There was a severed dog’s head stuck on the gatepost. There’d been a few seconds pause in the driving snow and in those few seconds, lit by their headlights, she glimpsed the wolf-like creature, maw gaping, tongue lolling, teeth bared in one final gory snarl. Then the blizzard obliterated the stone beast and everything else in a seething maelstrom… A near-death experience does not seem an auspicious start to their family get together, but the cousins determine to celebrate as they always do. However as the old year ends and the new begins it seems their good fortune is about to run out. An unexpected death, a descent into madness, betrayal… and as the year progresses other things befall them, a stalker, attempted murder, a patently dodgy scheme for selling holiday homes in a dangerous part of the Caucasus… Maybe the Portbraddons are not so lucky… except there is also love, a new home, reconciliation, a spiritual journey, music..
One thing remains true, whatever difficulties arise between them, whatever happens, family is family, family first… “They’re like a big bunch of musketeers, all for one and one for all!”

Here is a link:

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