A mystery object

There are lots of nice places to go on Twitter and plenty which are entertaining, pleasing and cockle-warming – it isn’t all about the dark side! One favourite place is the page of Fermanagh County Museum at Enniskillen Castle. I actually have visited the museum – probably about five years ago and found it very interesting and informative, and Enniskillen a lovely town. Now I want to go back and visit again when we are able, in the meantime there’s plenty of interest on the museum’s social media pages. 


Among the modern photos, the historical information, old photos, films and videos, the links to other sites of interest, there’s a regular fun competition of guess the object. Photos are shared of items at the museum, or pictures sent in by friendly folk of a mystery object, There are items of all sorts, some agricultural implements, or craftsmen’s tools,  domestic and kitchen tools, everyday things and specialty objects, bits and pieces, whatnots and bits and bobs, all sorts of weird looking thingamajigs. I always try and guess the mystery object, and very occasionally, I guess correctly. The other day an item similar to this was the mystery object:

This is something I inherited from my mother-in-law and it’s a potato ricer, and probably seventy or eighty years old; you put the cooked potatoes in the pot, put the lid on top and squeeze, and beautifully lump-free mashed potato comes out of the bottom – in fact this useful tool is also called a potato masher. The lovely museum person commented that it could also be used for turnips – which is a great idea, I do like turnips very much! We had a little conversation about ricers/mashers – the one in the museum was donated and the gentleman who gave it said “this masher was ‘for bruising boiled potatoes’, to make ‘champ /bruisie’ which was mashed potatoes, scallions and butter.” This made me think how much we like champ and what a long time it was since we’d had it. We’re having sausages for dinner tonight, so I think a nice mound of buttery champ will be just the thing to accompany it!

More mashers

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