What day is it today…

What day is it today…

  • um… is the dog going to playschool? No – so it can’t be Tuesday or Friday
  • are we having fish and chips from the pub (the Dolphin of course) for dinner tonight – if no it’s not Friday, if yes, it’s Friday
  • have we got a newspaper? No – it’s Sunday. Yes, the i – it could be any other day but Sunday. Yes we have two – it’s Thursday as we’ve got the local paper too – Weston Mercury
  • has husband got band practice (on-line through a program called Jamulus) – yes, it’s Tuesday – but on the other hand he could just be practicing which means it could be any day, and any time during the day
  • has the milkman brought us milk? Yes! it could be Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday. Has he brought eggs? Yes – it’s Tuesday, unless we ordered extra from him. Has he brought squash – yes, then it’s Saturday except ditto for Tuesday that we ordered extra.
  • has daughter gone to work, and if so at what time? This doesn’t help as she works six days on, four days off but also sometimes works extra, or different, or takes a day’s holiday, and she works shifts
  • have I got Gaelic group? Yes, then it must be a Saturday. No then it could still be a Saturday except when I forget what day it is and miss it.
  • is it book club zoom? Yes, then it must be a Friday, and probably it’s the afternoon, unless it is writing group – but if it is then it’s also a Friday
  • is the shop and the supermarket not open when you expect it to be? It might be a Sunday, or you might not have noticed what time it is
  • is husband in his studio (i.e. the sun room which is full of his stuff) and is he zooming? It’s probably a Wednesday and his art group
  • is husband putting the bins out? Yes, then it must be Monday night
  • does the radio alarm come on?  No, then it’s Saturday or it might be Sunday… on the other hand we might have slept through it as we stay up so late reading in bed
  • does the radio alarm not come on and when we switch the radio on in our dozy state there’s the Reverend Richard Cole after the tToday programme? Then it’s Saturday – no Today, no Rev R. Cole then it’s Sunday

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