What shall we do today?

We were up earlier than usual and it was a cool but sunny day. What shall we do today? we wondered.  I  know, let’s head down to Taunton, we haven’t been there for a while, have a saunter about, then maybe head over to Minehead and have lunch in that great pub  – what’s it called? Oh yes, The Old Ship Aground. Then we can drift back along the minor roads just taking our time and stopping if there’s anywhere we see which looks interesting…

Of course in reality we half-heartedly did some house chores, washing, hoovering, ironing, that sort of thing. We could have gone for a walk round the village, but to be honest it’s so dull – we have done it a thousand times, and even going out along the cycle path is dull – or maybe it’s just us who are dull. I’m sure we could walk somewhere else, the next village – dull, into town along the beach then back again – dull, a big circuit out of the village at one end, along the main road and back into the village at the other end – dull. In the event, husband did go for a walk along the path beside the River Axe but it was very muddy and he didn’t seem very excited about it.

Yes I know there’s always something of interest to look at, see how the spring flowers are springing, see how the new leaves are unfurling, see the peculiarly shaped clouds, try and identify the strange sounding bird. And yes I know that we are so very lucky compared to many other people, and I’m not actually complaining – I feel too listless to complain. Actually I am complaining aren’t I , and I should give myself a good talking to and buck myself up. No doubt tomorrow I’ll feel more lively and do something exciting like sort the old photos, or try and organise the mountains of stuff we have sorted out for the charity shops, or maybe make the carrot cake which a friend has given me a new recipe for.

Yes, that’s the thing I will do tomorrow, make a carrot cake, and maybe attempt once again to make cream cheese frosting for it, and maybe I will succeed this time!

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