The Strange Discoveries at Wimblestone Road

If you think I am going to reveal what was discovered at Wimblestone Road and why they were so strange, then I’m not but I am going to point you to where you might find the answer. My good friend and very talented poet, Macaque has written a wonderful children’s novel under the name of Hamish MacNeil, called The Strange Discoveries at Wimblestone Road. This is what the Amazon blurb says:

When three young boys and their baby brother move from London to rural Somerset, they spend their time exploring the countryside around their new home. They make friends with Poppy, a lonely misfit, who shows them the old railway line and the abandoned quarry. They start to discover some strange coincidences and soon share Poppy’s obsession with local folklore. Before long, they all become embroiled in a time-travelling adventure that could have deadly consequences.This masterful debut novel combines the timeless children’s adventure stories of Enid Blyton and Clive King with the magic and folklore of C.S. Lewis, Alan Garner, and J.R.R. Tolkien in a thoroughly 21st century tale about friendship, bravery, witches, time travel and those things that lurk at the borders of our modern human senses. All you have to do is believe. The perfect book for avid readers aged 8 to 14, and for parents to read to younger children.

As someone who loved Alan Garner when I was a child, as well as Lewis and Tolkien, it’s absolutely my sort of novel even though I’m way off being an 8 to 14 year-old! The story is set in a real place, so if your child lives in or near Somerset, or when we are able you come this way on holiday then it’s possible to explore the area and maybe even find the Wimblestone! Macaque is a parent of four boys so his writing of character is based in the real experiences of adventurous young lads who are up for any excitement and challenge. He is a wonderful writer, and any parent reading to their offspring would find themselves enjoying the story as well – vital to stay awake and make it a pleasure for both reader and listener!

Here is a link for the book, and I know Macaque aka Hamish MacNeil would love it if you left a nice review of it!

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