I want an adventure!

I’m not going to mention our dull and dreary situation, just pleased that there might be a small glimmer on the horizon, and just so, so grateful that we’re well. However, I really am so bored and that feeling takes me back to childhood. There is some scientific reason why time goes so slowly when you’re young, ands whizzes past like being on a fairground ride when you’re older but I’ve no idea what it is, only that it’s true.

Are children as bored today as we were when we were young? I remember time crawling past, especially on Sundays when everything was shut and not as many people were out and about. I had plenty of home interests, reading, writing, painting, drawing, doing jigsaws, playing board games with my sister – but even these palled. Actually,, thinking about it, we didn’t have that many jigsaws but dd the same ones over and over again, and as for board games we had Ludo, Snakes and Ladders, Monopoly, draughts, chess which we didn’t really enjoy, and cards. Playing cards with two or even playing patience by yourself was quite limited. We had fuzzy-felt – felt shapes we could arrange on a felted board to make patterns and pictures, we had another thing which I’m not sure how to name it, a card with circles cut in and a collection of little balls with which you could make pretty designs. We played and used these same things countless times. These days children have more possessions, and of course TV, videos and computers!

Because I read such a lot, and read about children my age doing exciting things, I desperately wanted to have an adventure like the kids in my books and comics! I knew it was fiction, I knew it was made-up, but I somehow felt it could happen,, I could be involved in something dangerous and exciting, someone could be kidnapped or a princess in disguise might become my friend, or I might come across smugglers or pirates or bank robber!! I might have to escape by driving a car or a truck (like a girl did in a book I read) or by riding a horse, galloping away to freedom! I was so disappointed when I tried riding a horse, and it plodded along and I felt wobbly and unsafe and about to fall off.   I might be able to save someone’s life in a dramatic situation, I might rescue someone from drowning because I was a good swimmer!

Obviously I don’t think any of those things now… well actually I do but the characters in my books have the excitement and thrills, not me. But everything is so dull! Everything is so the same! I’m bored! I am bored stiff! I want an adventure…


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