A new soup

It’s been a soup day today, and a new soup which arose from me having a chat with a medical person while I was having one of those reviews we al have from time to time. These days of course it’s done by phone, which actually is a lot more convenient and less time wasting, no travelling, no hanging about waiting because I’m always early, no problem if they have been held up by something, and some how I preferred it. I focussed more on what she was saying (I’m so easily distracted by peripheral things!) We were talking about diet and I said I tend to eat healthily because I absolutely love salad and vegetables and I’m quite happy to have it every day. I mentioned that I added fruit and nuts and seeds, and things which might normally be cooked like broccoli and cauliflower and leeks and carrots. I’m not a vegetarian I told her, I just love veg. I tend not to eat much meat, not because I don’t like it, but I just for some reason no longer have it very often. Ditto things like rice, pasta and potatoes, all perfectly fine and lovely food, but I just don’t often include them in what I’m easting, for no reason. Fish I have more frequently, but mostly, most days it’s salad!

She was very friendly and full of good advice, and she mentioned that I possibly didn’t have enough carbohydrates or protein. Reflecting on what she said I thought she was right! I thanked her very much and as it was nearly lunchtime I went to make some soup for us. I’ve mentioned that we recently bought a soup maker – it’s like an electric jug kettle, the heating element in a base unit, the jug just an empty metal drum with a rotating blade attached to the inside of the lid. You put everything in the jug, add water or stock to a certain level, position the lid, switch on and press go. Twenty-two minutes later there is your lovely soup. Today I put in about 6 oz of butternut squash chopped into small cubes, one leek, sliced and roughly chopped, four small cloves of garlic, squished and skin removed, vegetable stock, and here comes the carbs and protein  – a whole tin of chickpeas and their water.

Twenty-two minutes later we had bowls of beautiful, silky smooth, very delicious, fresh soup, a gorgeous warm sand colour, very satisfying, and I am sure the dietician I spoke to would not only be very pleased with me, but slightly envious. So, that’s my resolution for a broader diet on its way, now I have to think about doing more exercise… a harder nut to crack…


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