100/100 challenge 9: another world

April 30th 2021, would have been Captain Tom Moore’s one hundred and first birthday, and in recognition of that, a new challenge has been announced that ordinary folk should try to complete a hundred somethings to raise more funds for The Captain Tom Foundation. My own challenge is to write over a hundred days, a 100 word blog each day.

Day 9

Down the curved stone steps and into the water; it’s clear but chill, so chill. Viridescent weeds trail across the surface, bobbing with the ripples. I sink into the pool and can feel the cold creep up me, up my arms, over my shoulders. I push off, leave solidity and start to swim. My skin pricks almost painfully but I dip my head then dive down beneath the surface. I feel my strength as I grab handfuls of water, kicking out, powering through this different realm, bubbles flying past my face. This is my world this is where I belong.


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