Back to the pub, back to the quiz

I know that I have already mentioned earlier today that tonight it was quiz night at our pub, the Dolphin, but now we are returned, I thought I might just mention what a splendid – but different from the before, time we had. We wandered down at half past seven-ish – the quiz now starts at eight not nine, and sat in what seems to be out corner, in the lounge rea of the pub, as opposed to the cross-benches or the public, sectioned off by screens. Social distancing has had an effect and we need to sit apart from the other teams, so there are glass screens between us, rather nice glass screens with an etched dolphin disporting itself decorating them.

For once husband was with me, he usually practices with his band on Tuesdays, but we sat awaiting our team, the ice-creams, as Nigel and his clever cohort arrived, and beyond them the Am-drams. It was a quiet quiz tonight for some reason – but only in terms of the number of teams. We had the usual banter-driven, quip-exchanging, thought-provoking time, and despite our best efforts we won neither the line (the quiz answers are filled in on a bingo style answer sheet and as well as the best score, a line in any direction wins) nor the house, nor the beer round (a random question with the nearest answer to the correct one gets a round of drinks next week) we had a great time.

It’s not just being with Team Ice-cream, it’s the banter between us and the other teams, plus the struggle to try and work out the answers, plus being in our favourite pub. A great time was had by all, and we returned home having had a lovely evening… see you next Tuesday, Dolphin (if not before!


    1. Lois

      It does and it also means everyone has the chance to win something, not just the very knowledgeable ones! At th end of the quiz is the beer round – a totally random question which is usually just guess work, like what is the average number of pints of Guinness sold on a Friday night in Wales… that sort of thing. The winning team gets a free pint or soft drink the following week.


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