Dying Inside

Today is a great day for fans of Damien Boyd’s Nick Dixon series because number 11 is published! I’ve been fortunate enough to have already read it and I can tell you that not only is it an intriguing and gripping story, not only does it have brilliant descriptions of location (including the village where I live!) but it gives an insight into the complicated area of taxation. Who would have thought that taxes could be so intriguing and compelling?! It’s exciting as well as interesting, and the characters – even the minor ones are believable and engaging. This is what the Amazon blurb says:

In this thriller from the bestselling DI Nick Dixon crime series, a brutal murder looks like a gangland execution… until the next body is found. Newly promoted DCI Nick Dixon is stuck behind a desk when the peace of the Somerset countryside is shattered by a spate of sheep killings. Dixon recognises a sinister pattern: the animals have all been slaughtered with a crossbow, the power increasing with each kill. It seems whoever is responsible is practising, but for what?  Then the owner of a yacht that capsized on a suspected drug run is found dead, pinned to a tree by four crossbow bolts. Convinced that the killing is a gangland execution, the organised crime unit take over the investigation. Dixon is sure the motive lies elsewhere, but is forced to watch from the side-lines—until another body is found. Leading a major investigation team at Avon and Somerset Police headquarters, and with internal politics threatening to thwart him at every turn, Dixon must find the murderer before he kills again. And again…

Here’s a link to Dying Inside:

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