100/100 CHALLENGE 61: a moment’s quiet in the garden

Day 61

There was a moment’s quiet in the garden this morning as I pegged the clothes upon the line; even the birds were subdued, chirping sleepily. The trees were sluggish and only whispered, hardly bothering to stir in the tiniest of breezes.
Could I hear distant traffic, the far-off rattle of a train, footsteps on the path beside our fence, voices from the village, even a bark from some startled dog?
Not a sound for those few moments, just the snap of the peg on the line, the damp flap of wet washing, gravel shifting beneath one foot. A moment’s quiet.

April 30th 2021 would’ve been Captain Tom Moore’s 101st birthday; in recognition and in remembrance of his achievement, a new challenge was announced by his family. They challenged ordinary folk to complete a hundred somethings to raise more funds for The Captain Tom Foundation – ‘whether you bake 100 cupcakes or walk 100 laps – help celebrate Captain Tom’s achievements.’ The official ‘Captain Tom 100’ has now finished, but I’ve challenged myself to write a 100 word blog each day for 100 days. I started on May 1st and when I complete my task, I’ll donate £100 to his Foundation.


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