Cheese custard

Another light luncheon and supper dish from Nan Heaton from her wartime book, Cookery Today and Tomorrow, published in 1944:

Light luncheon and supper dishes may also form a basis for many main meals ans should be served with two vegetables as well as potatoes and a salad to give added nutriment.
If the dish is preceded by soup, choose one of the lighter recipes, but the dish has to satisfy the hunger of growing children or people who work hard, choose a more substantial dish. When planning invalid fare take into careful consideration the diet ordered by the doctor and adapt the recipes if necessary by deleting any ingredient restricted in the diet.
Take care too, in preparing the ingredients and give the same care to the serving and garnishing of the foods as you do to their cooking. An important part is played in the final stage when the dish is placed on the table ready for eating.
Choose your dishes according to the season and weather, and provide variety whenever supplies allow.

Cheese custard

  1. grate 6 oz of cheese and place it in a saucepan with ½ cupful of white sauce and 1 oz of margarine
  2. leave on a hot plate till the cheese dissolves and then add an egg and heat together till the mixture looks like custard
  3. Serve very hot on squares of toast or buttered brown bread.


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