100/100 CHALLENGE 76: Water was my element

Day 76

I really should start to swim again. Water was my element, my home, my safe place. I can’t remember not being able to swim – but could I now? Are my arms so weak they wouldn’t pull me, my legs so stiff they wouldn’t power me onwards? Could I still dive, tumble and turn?
Last time I swam, the pool was full of loud music, the lanes full of others swimming too fast or too slow, and my strength deserted me. I hated it.
Should I return to my element, and train again, and lean to swim once more? Should I?

April 30th 2021 would’ve been Captain Tom Moore’s 101st birthday; in recognition and in remembrance of his achievement, a new challenge was announced by his family. They challenged ordinary folk to complete a hundred somethings to raise more funds for The Captain Tom Foundation – ‘whether you bake 100 cupcakes or walk 100 laps – help celebrate Captain Tom’s achievements.’ The official ‘Captain Tom 100’ has now finished, but I’ve challenged myself to write a 100 word blog each day for 100 days. I started on May 1st and when I complete my task, I’ll donate £100 to his Foundation.



  1. Isabel

    Yes you should go back to swimming, but choose your session. I go to an adults only session which is laned, therefore no screaming kids and no-one swimming across you. The lanes are graded with the slowest in the right hand lane and then increasing in speed going across the lanes. Swimmers swim in a clockwise direction so that no-one meets head on. It might be worth enquiring at your local pool about the sessions they offer or going on their website. Good luck

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    1. Lois

      Thanks – yes I will. It was hideous torture last time I went and not a pleasant experience at all! There’s a private pool in town at a small hotel, I may enquire there and see if it’s quieter and more conducive! Then I have to think about buying a costume!


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