Guess what, quiz night in the Dolphin!

So tonight, being Tuesday, it was quiz night in the Dolphin. This may not seem much, but for me it was a great deal. In various ways, our pub, the Dolphin, is a significant and key part of our lives. Thank goodness, now life is retuning to some sort of normal we are visiting the Dolphin again for good beer, good company, and that feeling of being at home when not at home.

Quiz night had been running very safely for a few weeks, and I’d met up with the PJ’s – the ice-creams who have the best ice-cream place in Weston, the Am-dram, our rivals, Nigel’s gang who generally win, and the various other light-hearted folk who join us.

Tonight was somewhat special, not only was Team Tas going to be with us, but also my friend Sue who was in Weston for the evening was going to be appearing. What none of us knew, and was quite a surprise, was that she had been to school with many of the members of our rival team,. What a lovely reunion! How fabulous the shared reminiscences! Who would have thought that a pal now residing in Wales, who had just by chance cast up with us, was an old friend of so many regulars!

Needless to say, we didn’t win, but who cares? We didn’t! It definitely was not the winning, so much more the taking part!




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