100/100 CHALLENGE 88: It’s not easy to fly a kite

Day 88

We saw a man on the beach, on his own, or maybe with a lady; he had a child’s kite which he had launched and was flying, a smile upon his face. He had no children, or maybe he did and they weren’t with him, but he seemed to have acquired a kite and now was flying it.
It’s not easy to fly a kite, I never have, although maybe once on Royston Heath there was a kite and I held its string and it lifted and danced in the air on a grey day. Or maybe I imagined it.

April 30th 2021 would’ve been Captain Tom Moore’s 101st birthday; in recognition and in remembrance of his achievement, a new challenge was announced by his family. They challenged ordinary folk to complete a hundred somethings to raise more funds for The Captain Tom Foundation – ‘whether you bake 100 cupcakes or walk 100 laps – help celebrate Captain Tom’s achievements.’ The official ‘Captain Tom 100’ has now finished, but I’ve challenged myself to write a 100 word blog each day for 100 days. I started on May 1st and when I complete my task, I’ll donate £100 to his Foundation.



  1. himalayanbuddhistart

    You have brought back memories of a kite-flying expedition with a friend (much taller than me so I let him hold the kite) on Hampstead Heath in the 1980s! At the time it seemed just one of those things but now it has that kind of ‘we were happy and we didn’t know it’ feeling to it… We are still in touch and he still flies his kite from time to time, it could almost be that man on the beach!

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    1. Lois

      You describe it completely! Those uncomplicated times, when the most difficult thing was untangling the string, and wondering why the kite went round and round in circles before crash-landing when you could see other children (and dads) with kites aloft! It’s brought back the image of Charlie Brown and the kite-eating tree from Peanuts!
      Seeing that man on the beach flying the child’s kite grinning to himself, I’m sure he was reliving those memories! He’d probably bought it from the kiosk on the prom just on an impulse – I wonder if he was thinking of his own dad trying to help him fly one when he was young?!


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