a lovely and friendly evening of fun – and beer

As i strode down to the pub tonight for quiz night, I didn’t feel quite as positive as usual. In the past it’s been me and daughter when she’s not working, the ice-creams (our friends who used to have an ice-cream parlour but are now at leisure) and our South African chums when they’re here and not in S.A. (actually only half of them is actually from SAF!) and when husband is not rehearsing with his rock band. Tonight, I knew my family would not be present, the poor Ice-creams sadly are a little poorly, so I just hoped the Anglo/South African crew would join me tonight. When no-one is available, I still saunter to the pub but it’s not as much fun in a team of one as in a proper team!

I wandered in and up to the bar; Team Tim were in the corner seats and next to them were people I didn’t know but who were pleasant and friendly. This meant our table was at the end, enough for us so it was fine! The first round we did quite well. Mark the landlord was in a team so Mike Scott (actually not his real name, Mike Scott is a character in one of my unfinished books inspired by our pub friend) was the quiz master for the night. The thing is, whether we do well or badly, we still enjoy ourselves, lots of chat, catching up with each other’s news, banter and joshing, so when we did really badly in the second round, we still had enjoyed ourselves!

We sat chatting together until husband arrived from band practice; his band The Lemon Sharks (find them on Facebook) have a gig at the weekend, the first for a long time so they had a serious rehearsal. Then it was the beer round – a random question with an answer which needed guessing rather than knowing, and we got it right – a free pint next week! Time to depart, hugs and kisses and looking forward to next time we headed to our different homes. Such is quiz night, a lovely and friendly evening of fun – and beer.

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