Different pubs

We’ve visited a couple of pubs over the weekend while we have been elsewhere. Both of them were excellent, served good beer (the most important aspect of a pub) had friendly people behind the bar, had locals as well as visitors scattered around, were clean and well kept, were interesting and different, were comfortable, and pretty much ticked all the boxes (an annoying and over-used phrase which in actual fact is completely true)

We were in the small fishing village of Mevagissey, population a couple of thousand, a place with charm and character and despite visitors no doubt being very annoying sometimes, was welcoming and friendly. We have such an excellent local, that we compare every pub to it, and I’m delighted to report that the two pubs we visited while away for the weekend in Cornwall were brilliant. We were in Mevagissey for the shanty festival, husband is in a shanty band which had three very successful gigs in the two pubs, The Ship and the Cellar.

We rendezvoused in The Ship and had lunch on the day we arrived; what a very delicious lunch we had – fish which had no doubt been swimming around not that long before we ae it, and great beer to accompany it. The Beached Buoys – the shanty band my husband is in, sang there and were very appreciative of the reception and the beer:

The inn is always full of colour and is host to local musicians and players throughout the year on saturday evenings.On Tuesdays you can join in on our quiz night. A real old Cornish pub which is always a pleasure to stay in. We look forward to welcoming you! https://www.theshipinnmeva.co.uk/

Later we visited The Cellar, and again, the band sang there; at first as it had only just opened there was a sporadic audience; maybe attracted by the singing, maybe by the beer a quantity of folk came wandering in to enjoy both!

Tonight, home from Cornwall, we wandered into the Dolphin, our home pub; we were so happy to be back, drinking Otter beer, and we reflected on the community of pubs, and each pub’s community which is so welcoming and comfortable and friendly!


    1. Lois

      They are incredible! Very professional in the way they sing and yet full of fun, very engaging, and you’re guaranteed a memorable experience if you ever are lucky enough to see them perform! 😉 x I will be reviewing them shortly!


  1. Hamishmacneil

    I had a very fine breakfast in a harbourside pub in Meva, summer of 2001. My friend and I had spent the night in the car in Goran Haven car park and woken up stiff, cold, and a little hungover. We tucked into our full English breakfasts while fisherman at another table compared their night’s catches.

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