Another pub post

OK, so it’s another pub post… We wandered down, in the middle of the road because few cars pass through Uphill just after ten at night, chatting about various things – walking to a pub on the level, unlike last weekend in wonderful Mevagissey where there was an unfortunate incline. IGoing down with our chums to where the pubs/restaurants/shanty-fest/fun was, was fine even though we had to be a little careful because it was really, really, really steep. There was no traffic, only a few other people who greeted us in a friendly fashion. Going down was fine, returning from the harbour, up to our accommodation took an inordinately long time as we had to stop every few steps to acclimatise, catch our breath, flex our muscles, drew up or inner reserves and ascend. It was worth it though – worth it for the enjoyment down below, and our accommodation up above.

In Uphill, apart from the hill (after which Uphill is not named – it’s from Oppa’s Pill) the village is on the flat so we sauntered along, sauntered into the Dolphin and received a couple of pints of lovely Otter from barman Sam. We’ve moved; we used to sit in the first bar we arrived in, what might be called the lounge, and now we’re on the edge of what might be called the public, in the easterly end of what we call the cross-benches. There was a gang of younger folk in the public playing some sort of game which caused much hilarity, Terry perched at the very end of the bar against the wall on a stool, and a few others. The only other regular was the very elderly dog Buster who caused a stir by going missing for a fortnight, lost, poor soul, down on the water meadows but thankfully found, and his master.

We sat in our now usual seats and chatted about the usual things we chat about, what we’ve been reading, the news, programmes we’ve watched, the shanty band, friends, family, people in the pub – people not in the pub, pubs, pubs we’ve visited, pubs in Mevagissey, beer, pubs in general, politics (briefly) beer, pubs.. the usual. Time was called and we sauntered home talking about this and that, that and this, the state of our garden, family news, people we know, pub, the beer tonight, pub, people in the pub…

Typical night in the pub, really.

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