I went to the pub again tonight

Yes, I know, I went to the pub again tonight, but it was quiz night, the one night I really feel that I have to go. It’s a little highlight in my week. I almost didn’t go; my team have other commitments and two of the are in South Africa so it’s a little tricky for them to be with us! I was just feeling a little disappointed as it seemed as if I couldn’t go – no fun as a team of one! Then daughter arrived and we set off at a trot to get there before it started.

Round one, and we didn’t do too badly – considering there are gaps in our area of knowledge! Much fun whatever! Then daughter had to leave – I had been eying a couple of gents on the next table thinking that maybe even if I couldn’t join their team we could at least join forces as allies.They got up, bade farewell to all and left. Their place was taken by the old gent, owner of Buster the dog who went missing for a couple of weeks and was miraculously found. Daughter was preparing to go and just as I was deciding that having had a team with round one, maybe I would stay for round two, when two lovely people cast up to join me! They are friends we got to know from the pub, but also seeing them perform in the local very talented am-dram group.

Daughter departed and my two chums and I set to with round two. joining forces with others with different areas of knowledge meant together we got a lot more answers than being on our own – I say ‘our’ but really it was me no longer being on my own. The answers roiled out and I got a line – it’s a bingo quiz, the answers are written on a grid like a bingo card and if you get a line of right answers you can win! And yes, I got a line and won a nice little sum which I used to buy a round for my team and husband who had just arrived.

Quiz over and we sat and chatted about this and that, catching up with each other’s news, and then time was called and we departed. What an unexpectedly splendid nigth!


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