Nothing quite like a live band

There’s nothing quite like a live band, and nothing like seeing a live band in a pub, especially if that pub is the Dolphin in Uphill, and especially if that band is the Lemon Sharks, because of course my husband is the drummer! They are in the Dolphin tonight and no doubt I will give them a write up; meanwhile here is what I wrote about a previous gig:

I love live music, there’s nothing quite as good as seeing the whole performance with all the little things which happen, planned and unplanned, exciting, hilarious, moving, energising… and lots more. With  a band you follow regularly you get to notice and see much more, when there is someone in the band that you know you have a whole different insight, and when the drummer is your husband and you’ve helped carry the kit from the car to the stage, and watched the setting up and the sound check, then the performance, being in the audience has a whole other level of excitement and interest!

The band I’m talking about is The Lemon Sharks, a four piece who play mostly songs of the 90’s but other music which is great to dance to. A couple of weeks ago they played a great gig at The Cider Barn in Draycott, a village just beyond Cheddar. A small but very interesting venue with a great atmosphere and a great and enthusiastic audience – several encores were called for, and then a few more, people couldn’t stop dancing! I was drum tech/roadie (well, sort of – I drove the car with drummer and kit, and carried the drums etc into the venue, then at the end of the night, carried the kit and loaded the car then drove home – with the drummer!)

Last night The Lemon Sharks had another gig, this time in Keynsham, a small town between Bristol and Bath. It was to raise funds for the local amateur dramatics and opera society, but unfortunately, not many of them were able to make it, so the audience, composed mainly of the band’s friends, was rather sparse – but made up for it with their enthusiasm and appreciation. The band were on fine form and gave a great performance, with the appearance of a guest guitarist for a few numbers. We all had a fantastic time, then of course there was the packing up, the loading into the car and the drive home, unintentionally round some previously unknown areas of Bristol!

Here is a link the Sharks’ Facebook page:

My featured image is the band playing a festival in the summer.

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