Pea and chorizo soup

I made an absolutely splendid soup the other day. I don’t know what put it in mind, but as I was driving home from a meeting with writing chums had had a sudden yen for pea and ham soup. I’ve mentioned that we’ve bought another soup-maker; we had one several years ago but for various reasons it stopped working, but now we have another. I’ve always made soups the traditional way, stock, veg, boil, blend, sometimes strain, add things such as peas, croutons, bits of bacon, fresh herbs etc. It’s fine to do it like that, but an electric soup maker produces the same thing in twenty-two minutes, no need for blending or sieving. Arriving home I set to, we had no ham, but we did have chorizo so I used that instead.

Pea and chorizo soup

  • 1 tin of mushy peas
  • 1 tin of marrow fat peas
  • onion – I used ¼ of a big onion chopped up
  • about 4 oz or more, or less, chopped celery
  • 2 chicken jelly stock-pot things, but any stock, chicken/veg/ham would do
  • plenty of ground pepper
  • 2-3 oz chorizo, chopped in small pieces and fried, plus a chunk of chorizo chopped into small pieces and put into the soup maker with the other ingredients
  • ½ slice cheese on toast – or as much as you like (make it when the soup is ready) cut into fingers
  • clotted cream or any cream or none if you don’t fancy it
  1. put the mushy peas and the marrow fat with their water, onion, celery, stock/stock cube/jelly, ground pepper, small pieces of chorizo into the soup maker – or into your pan if you don’t have one. Cover with water or add water up to the mark on the soup maker
  2. set the soup maker to GO, or cook gently until the onion and celery is soft in your pan
  3. gently fry the 2-3 oz of chorizo and drain off fat
  4. if you’re using a pan, blend the peas, onion, celery chorizo
  5. check for seasoning then stir in the fried chorizo and pour into soup bowls
  6. arrange the cheese on toast fingers
  7. dollop a spoonful of cream into the middle

My featured image looks rather lurid, I think because of the flash on my camera! It looked a normal pea soup colour in actual fact!

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