And as usual great fun

Quiz tonight and as usual great fun. We were looking forward to New Year’s Eve when my husband’s shanty group, the Beach’e Buoys are due to perform, and we’ve been worries whether they will be able sing because if the current situation. As of today, al being very well, yes they will song to bring in the New Year! It was quiz night, an this is what I wrote a couple of years ago at a similar time of year:

Yesterday I posted a very different blog, sharing some of my worries and concerns for the state of our country, and of our planet. I hope I did not sound too bitter and pessimistic, because in fact when i see so many good things around me and around the world I have to be hopeful. I have resolved to continue to try and do my best in maybe small ways and do what I can, thought, word and deed!
So last night gloomy thoughts were banished and I headed down to the Dolphin to see the New Year in. My husband is in a shanty singing group the Beached Buoys, and they were performing in the pub. I was a little late getting there and they were in full voice – slightly reduced in numbers because some had other commitments, but they were still on great form. The pub was heaving and very noisy with chat, laughter and music – I went in the entrance on the corner and worked my way through to the bar at the far end where the Buoys were set up. I saw lots of people I knew, some regulars, some I knew only to nod and mouth hello to, and some complete strangers. By the time I arrived all the seats were taken and partners, family and friends of the band were clustered around a table by the juke box – which wasn’t playing, of course. I was quite happy standing on my own watching and cheering, but even happier there were some other friends there from quiz night and I was found a stool and sat chatting with them.
The pub was absolutely buzzing and i caught up with quite a few people I hadn’t seen for a while including Sailor Pat! I had a long chat with Mark whose family run the pub, thanking him for everything which makes the pub so great. The time whizzed past, and before long the band was packing up and we were all getting ready to go out into the road in the traditional way to sing Auld Lang Syne. It had been drizzling but at the witching hour the precipitation ceased and we all sang lustily. Then there was much shaking of hands, embracing and kissing and we all poured back into the pub for a last beer.
A good night!

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