A busy but lovely day

Tuesday night, so it’s quiz night! I have had a busy but lovely day. First thing it was writing group; a friend and member of the gang has very kindly hosted our get togethers over the lat few months, since we have been able to meet in person and I got a lift to her lovely house. Tuesday is doggy play school, so after delivering our hound to his school bus (the transport to his day out) I met daughter and went for breakfast together. Returning home, I picked up my story and was driven to the hostess’s house where we were to meet.

There were eight of us, and first of all we admired our latest anthology, now available on Amazon. I do recommend it as my fellow scribes are a very talented and varied bunch of writers:


The stories we shared were varied, and each of interest – a teacher’s nightmare. lost in the fog, a poem, a foggy evening spent with grandma – and more!  We spent a while talking about writing and the creative process – and of course, catching up with our news

Back home for a brief interlude and then to a different friend for book club! Fortified with coffee and cake we discussed ‘The Dublin Railway Murder’ by Thomas Morris. It’s a moist interesting book, and I was very interested in the way it was written. We had a great discussion about it – and much else. It’s always difficult to choose a book for some reason, the different members of the group have different favourites but that’s the joy of a book club.

Home for dinner, then armed with pens we set off to the pub for quiz night. A most enoyable evening, and did we win? Of course not!


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