Joy and pleasure

These days I visit coffee shops, teashops and cafés more often than I do the pub! They are the ideal place to get together with chums, and also to be out and about – something which was much missed when we were trapped alone at home for what seemed like an eternity. Actually I was very fortunate that I wasn’t trapped – we have a garden, and we have the village to walk round, the beach to walk along, and the nearby countryside to explore all on shanks’s pony.  I also wasn’t alone as I had husband and daughter, so I was indeed fortunate.

Back to coffee shops etc. I nearly always have coffee – occasionally tea, and I’d say that I very rarely have cake. However, one thing I( have developed a small passion for is teacakes. These are not cakes, but small,  round bread rolls with currants or dried fruit, and with any luck a glazed top. They are split and toasted and spread with butter and I have become very fond of them. They really do vary – some have not enough fruit – rarely too much fruit, some are too fluffy and not quite bready enough, some are rather dry, and I always prefer plenty of butter but no jam. I’m sure they’re not very good for people trying to lose weight, but I find them somewhat irresistible if they are on a menu! They are generally of a uniform size but there are a couple of places where they have rather generously large ones , but also a few cafés where they are a little on the small size. I know the general opinion is that size doesn’t matter, which is ture, but a small teacake seems rathe mean, and a large one seems rather generous. One last thing I would like to mention, these days if you have butter with anything it comes in small pre-wrapped packs and it”s somewhat of an annoyance when the split and toasted teacake has insufficient butter, for example, two little packs for one large teacake, but joy and pleasure when there are three packs for a small, bready, curranty teacake with a glazed top!

Thanks to for the image I have used!


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