Yes, it’s Tuesday

Yes, it’s Tuesday so it’s quiz night at the Dolphin. A very short while ago, the dear people at the Dolphin decided to leave – fortunately only the pub, they still live in the village, and in fact they only left the pub itself in the sense they no longer hold the licence. They are now free to come in as any other pubber, enjoy a pint, and on Tuesday, the quiz! There was some concern among us quizfolk, that maybe things would change, a different type of quiz, or worse still, no quiz at all!!

Fortunately all is well, and come Tuesday, come the quiz. The quiz master/ring master, is one of the members of the excellent local amateur dramatic group, so is more than able to take charge, read the questions in ringing tones, banter with the quizzers, and generally conduct the ceremony.

For a while I have been a floating quizzer with no regular team. It happens that people move on to other things, don’t have the time for various reasons, have other commitments, and so it was that I ended up as somewhat of a floating quizzer. The great thing about the quiz is that although people are settled in teams, they don’t mind the occasional spare part joining them; so over the last few months I have joined Taz and Tony, the 2 quizzing T’s (as opposed to our friends, the 2 T’s, Trev and Tim) team Chris and family and friends, the canal boaters who have recently moved to the village, Pip and Rob and their friend Fiona from the blue house,  the Am-Drams, Tim of the 2 T’s team, and even random drop-ins who are staying on the camp site or the caravan park. There are many more teams, Team Bar, Team Nige, Team Manchu, and more. It’s been great fun, and nice to get to know people in a different way, but now I seem to have a more regular team of my own, Writers in Stone.

Writes in Stone is a writing collective of which I am a proud member, and now some writers have joined me and I guess we are Team Write, or Team Stone! It’s great to be with my writing chums, as well as getting to know other people who have joined them – in fact there is now Team, Waitrose to compete against! We didn’t win tonight, although husband joined us as no band practice, but we did win the beer round. The beer round is a totally random question, and whichever team wins gets a free round of drinks the next week.

Thank you very much Dolphin for hosting! Thank you very much for friend teams who compete! Thanks a lot to our quiz master Scott, aka Mike Scott who may appear in one of my novels once I get my act together!

My featured image is of Weston quarry, where the inaugural meeting of Writers in Stone took place!

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