I can’t help it!

There’s a terrible dilemma when you start reading a new book and it absolutely grips you! This is especially true if you’ve been waiting for a good read for a while, but it’s also completely true if you’ve had a run of good books which you have raced through addictively, but fortunately on finishing one excellent story, you can plunge straight into another. Even as you do so you know that you’re going to regret it! What will you read when you’ve finished this one? Will it be a long trail through dreary disappointment, or will you have to reread something, which however good it maybe is not as thrilling as a brilliant new book.

I have been lucky with books I have read recently, after a drought of reading since I galloped through Roz Watkins Derbyshire crime novels (great stories, wonderful characters, marvellous scenery) Damien Boyd’s latest Nick Dixon book set in a favourite local town Bridgewater – Carnival Blues, the amazing The Constant Rabbit by Jasper FForde (I am going to have to read this again, so brilliant, so clever, so pertinent) fascinating Hideous Kinky by Esther Freud, and the stunning new book by Chris Speck, Richie Lad (review shortly!), I am now gripped by a Scottish police procedural.

Marion Todd is a Scottish writer, and her detective, DI Clair Mackay is a really believable character. ‘Old Bones Lie’ is described as  an unputdownable Scottish detective thriller and it really is! I must finish now – just to get back to the book! I will regret galloping through, but I can’t help it!

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