A mysterious death

I’ve been rereading some of my own books – I had a very prolific period and wrote several quite quickly and now some of the details have become a little blurred – and thinking maybe I might buck up my present writing by reminding myself of previous stories, I’ve been reading some of the earlier Radwinter stories.

The one I’m reading now is at point where Thomas Radwinter’s life has settled into what he hopes will be a tranquil period – no more adventures! He and his wife have four children, and his life seems pretty perfect. This is the blurb for ‘Earthquake’

Thomas Radwinter’s life seems settled and content as he juggles working as a free-lance solicitor, genealogist and house husband. However a new arrival in the family puts extra pressure on him as he has to balance looking after them and earning some money. A commission from an elderly gentleman to investigate a mysterious death at a little boarding school in 1931 seems intriguing and harmless; a haunted hotel he’s asked to visit seems just to be over-imaginative guests and maybe a less than honest manager. However, during his investigations he has to confront a violent verger, an unbalanced conchologist and a very strange friend from the past…
Thomas took on his commissions, little realising when he began his investigation that he would be putting his life and that of a friend in serious danger… “I tried to work out what was going on, and what to do, and what might happen to us – trying my hardest to keep my thoughts well away from a terminal conclusion to events… “

I know what happens, obviously, and although I’ve picked up a few typos I’m quite enjoying it – is that immodest of me?!

You can find ‘Earthquake’ on Amazon as a paperback and as an e-book.


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