Mysterious messages

Yesterday I wrote about writing and jotting notes as ideas, thoughts observations occur to me, but how I’m blighted by appalling, careless handwriting. To get round this I’ve started jotting notes on my phone, but a combination, of flat thumbs, rushing and yes, carelessness, sometimes even those jottings, though legible are difficult and sometimes impossible to interpret and understand. I shared some examples, and a friend challenged me to write something including these mysterious messages! So, here goes, Part (i):

The White Clock

 Therma clapped her hands to get everyone’s attention.
“I wish she wouldn’t do that, we’re not infants!” murmured Max.
“Don’t let it wind you up already,” Jessie murmured back. It irritated her too but she was snappy with him.
“We have a lot to get through this evening so chop chop chaps!”
Max said nothing but a groan escaped. People grabbed chairs and arranged them in a rough order to face Therma.
“Welcome back all, welcome back Angles Mort AMDramCo! Wonderful to see you in person and not through a zoom!”
Through a zoom, Max muttered, Jessie was sitting on the other side of Phil so although she heard him she could only sigh
“Now I have some exciting news, this show’s producer won’t be me, but Martin Furber – yes, Martin who has written the play!”
Well, this was news! A gangly man with white fluffy hair stood up and smiled sheepishly at the Angles Mort AmDramCo. Needless to say suggestions of Angles Mort Theatre Group, Angles Mort Players, and Angles Mort anything else had been overruled by Therma in favour of AmDramCo. People had argued, people had threatened to leave the group, people had in fact left the group (temporarily) but Therma had prevailed, mainly because it was thanks to her funding that most productions took place at all.
There was a murmur of greetings and welcomes to the new producer, and later, in the pub, the general consensus was that Martin Furber had more about him than his appearance had suggested, and he’d managed Therma rather well. She’d tried to point out a typo in the script, and he’d replied in his funny voice ‘I assure you it is ‘spitball’ not ‘spiritual, Therma!’ there were muted sniggers of appreciation.
His play was rather intriguing too, The White Clock, there would probably some jockeying for the main parts, but as Max said to Jessie he was beginning to think that Martin Furber would cast the best people, unlike Therma.


Here are the words I have included so far:

  • spitball not spiritual
  • angles mort
  • Therma Dudgeon
  • the white clock
  • Furber

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