Oh dear

Update!! Normally service seems to have been resumed! Fingers crossed it all continues well!

I’ve been pleased with my writing over the last few days, really getting back into a proper rhythm, of rediscovering that exclusive concentration and focus, and ideas bubbling and almost sparkling – the image which comes to mind is of a stream tumbling over polished pebbles of different colours… I’m getting carried away here, but you get my drift.

I have written several short stories, a couple for my writing groups, a couple just for themselves, and I have plodded on with my novel which has gone wildly out of control. I have even committed myself to the challenge of the National Novel Writing Month challenge of 50,000 words in the month of November. So all was going well, all was looking rosy, when for some reason my computer has become unreliable.

I can’t remember how long I have had it, for an object in any other situation it would not be that long – I hang onto items for years and years if they are still serviceable, particularly clothes – even, I confess, undies! The kitchen, for example is full of utensils, bun tins, baking trays that were in my parents’ home, Bois from childhood… Back to the computer; in tech terms it’s probably quite old and for some reason now, although it seems to operate ok as a word processor, on-line it’s not.

Husband’s laptop works fine, this small iPad works fine, phones ok, but my computer has problems. My technical advisers (the children) aren’t on immediate call any more, i.e. they don’t live at home any more, and I have absolutely no idea how to sort this infuriating difficulty.

I shall press on, I shall borrow husband’s old laptop, use this and my phone and continue writing. Some people might say use a pen and write on paper, my writing is so terrible, but I will do that if necessary, but at some point it would have to be transcribed – and deciphered as well – in order to share it here and elsewhere, including for the 50,000 word challenge!

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