It’s Ruth, isn’t it?

It’s so annoying when you can’t properly remember your dreams, but you just have snatches of images and words. I nearly always have dreams with a happy cheerful atmosphere to them, often I’m wandering around unknown, sunlit towns, with brightly coloured walls and brickwork and buildings. I’m usually lost, but in an adventuring, exciting way, and I feel full of wonder as I amble about trying to find out where I am. Sometimes I’m walking along  in a more countrified setting, usually it’s summery and warm, and there are bushes and trees beside me, the little lanes dusty and warm, the sky bright in an English summer way. Sometimes I can’t remember where I’ve parked my car, and I’m searching for it, amused at my own forgetfulness. Sometimes I’m with people – usually I only know them in my dreams, they’re not necessarily really people that I know in real life.

Last night I had such a vivid dream but can only remember part of it, that I was at some sort of reunion, and recognised many of the people there although I had last seen them when I was at junior school, we were all adults now. It was a small room and I was on one said of a large table with other people, and on the other side, more people were filing in. One woman I recognised immediately – she was older than me by several years but her brother was in my class. She is a real person and as a child I remember thinking she was the most beautiful person I had ever seen. She was a girl with girl with very dark, shiny, wavy hair, and a very kind, smiley and pretty face.

In my dream, I spontaneously called across the table “It’s Ruth, isn’t it? You’re Ruth, aren’t you?!” She smiled and said she was but I wasn’t sure she remembered me – I’d have been a little kid the last time she saw me, she probably hadn’t noticed me then either! I woke up feeling so pleased I’d “met” Ruth again, but I couldn’t remember my dream enough to know whether I’d got chatting to her! I wonder what she has done with her life, I hope it has been happy and fulfilling!

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