It is obviously the pub quiz!

It’s the day after Boxing Day, does that mean it’s Boxing Day Day, as in Christmas Eve Eve? As it’s a Tuesday it is obviously the pub quiz! Nothing daunted, not put off by the fact it’s Boxing Day Day and a bank holiday, the regulars, i.e. us plus our quiz friends Rob and Pip and son, the Am-Drams who have now taken over running the quiz – thanks to Mike Scott, Manchu and friend, others, and Nige and his team of experts.

It doesn’t matter how few we are, if we have gathered together, if there is a quiz sheet or two (there is always someone to read out the questions!) then there will be a quiz, and much fun, laughter and enjoyment. Over the years we have met so many new and endurinbg friends, had so nuch enjoyment, who cares if we win or if we don’t?!

Tonight as ever we had a grand time, and we won something or another, I can’t quite remember now which round, whether it was a line, or if it was the beer round – in fact, was there a beer round? Who knows. We’re already looking forward to the one next week, even though it’s the day after New Year’s Day!

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