Where else would we be going tonight other than the Dolphin. The pub, like us, and like most people has had its ups and downs this year. Thankfully it is now once again in very safe hands and instead of SNAFU, it is SNALU – Situation Normal, All Looking Up! I hope that will be the same for next year, next year which starts in about three and a bit hours time.

I have continued to enjoy being here, and would like to thank everyone who has read my witterings and all those who have taken the trouble to comment, and to those who I now think of as friends. Thank you, thank you and wishing all good things for the New Year.

This year, counting this, I have written 329 posts, I’ve had a remarkable 38,426 views – thanks to you all, and 21,072 visitors, more thanks are due to you. and would you believe it, people from 130 different countries!!

I will be back tomorrow, all being well, a new month in a brand new year, and I hope with more focus and concentration and less flannel. My motto for next year is ‘FOLLOW THE FISHES’!TASMANIA 17 (1033)

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