It’s not so simple

I know other writers keep journals and notebooks and note things down for future reference. I’ve mentioned before my difficulty with that because my handwriting is so terrible that I can’t always read or understand what the note meant or what it referred to. I hit on a solution, I would use my phone and jot notes there. Ho-hum, it’s not so simple. A sample:

  • Suddenly I felt as if I had entered a dream or was hallucinating or become delusional, in a microsecond I was overwhelmed with a sense of shock. Interesting, this could be the start of something
  • We are nothing without stories. True
  • Surname Aiss. Is there such a surnname, did I hear it and think I might use it in my writing?
  • Ingersol. As above
  • Book the guest list. I think this may refer to a book with that title
  • Thank you very much, oh I can’t remember now. Goodness knows what I was thinking.
  • There was a mechanical groan, a whirr and then the striking of the church clock. Yes, definitely a possibility, maybe I will write it tomorrow.
  • sheep brushed with gold of late winter sun. Probably something I observed
  • The adventures of China Iron. Intriguing, I should definitely pursue this

I’ve made notes, writing notes, but to be honest, they are somewhat on the flimsy side. Oh well, It’s a start… China Iron, yes, I must ponder on that…


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