Jail Ale, a great ale

i seem to have become a little dilatory in posting anything here, and I have no excuse, no reason, things just seem to be slightly adrift. OK, so unexpectedly I had to drop everything and gather my children to travel along the M4 towards London for an unexpected but lovely rendezvous. I had to help a friend out – very, very glad to do so has they have been a brilliant friend to me,  it has been so cold here with trying to economise on heating that I feel as if I’ve had brain freeze and nothing as enjoyable as eating a very cold ice cream or ice lolly. No, I have no excuses or reasons, none whatsoever, not any at all, completely devoid of excuses, I just haven’t written here – or to be honest, anywhere else.  To be frank, my writing has been minimal, and it’s weird, worrying, and frustrating, very frustrating.

I’m not going to ramble on about it, instead I will mention that we nipped down the pub for a little beer, socialisation, and to just sit together wittering on about anything which comes to mind, mainly nonsense to be honest. It wasn’t very busy tonight, some cricket pub people talking about cricket, a few people through in the other end chatting together, and Terry on his seat, tucked into the corner of the bar. We stood with him and had the usual pub-type conversation, tonight it was about Brussels sprouts, the collapsing coast road at Cleeve Hill near Watchet,  music, beer… just the usual. He departed and we found seats and sat reminiscing about various things.

We finished our pints – we’re drinking at the moment Jail Ale, a great ale from Dartmoor Brewery:

Senses Test –

  • Look – Dark Amber
  • Smell – Orange, Citrus, Sharp
  • Taste – Fruity, Full, Morish

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