the next thing

A couple of years ago, inspired by the centenarian, Captain Tom Moore who walked a hundred steps every day for a hundred days, I write a hundred word blog every day for a hundred days. Each micro-blog was exactly 100 hundred words, no more, no less, and when I look back on it I’m amazed at the topics I covered. I started during lock-down and continued into our freedom, and I wrote about all sorts of things, memories, observations, reviews, adventures and much more. It was sometimes a struggle, sometimes a drag, sometimes a joy, and when I finished my 100 days I actually continued for several more, unable to break the habit.

I wish I could think of another writing challenge to so engage me, but my main challenge is to finish the novel I’m writing. It has struggled on for far too long – or rather I have, totally having lost momentum and inspiration. With my 100/100/100 challenge I was able to force myself to keep going, because each micro-blog stood on its own, it had no history, it had no future, it was just there, on that day, between the yesterday and the tomorrow.

It’s actually quite annoying, that I’m not far off finishing the book. It’s just about complete and I’m on the tidying up, neatening up and completing it. I keep finding excuses to deviate away from it – writing deviations, and other. I pres on, few words at a time, few sentences, few changes and I hope improvements. In actual fact,I would really like tomove on to the next thing, the next challenge!

Here is a link to my hundred word, hundred blog, hundred day book:

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